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Conscious Living Omni-Media Group is a collaborative of conscious local and global communities, dedicated to providing education regarding holistic health/wellness and life path empowerment tools and practices. Through our very specialized programming, the lives of those seeking optimal states of health, are transformed forever.  We consider it an honor to assist and support the process.


Healing Humanity Through Media



What We Do

Our mission is to heal humanity through media.  We are an educational empowerment multi-media and events firm promoting holistic health/wellness, and life path empowerment through our own unique brand of print audio, radio, video, and interactive educational formats.

We showcase experts in the health, wellness, personal development and life coaching industry who provide cutting edge empowerment which assists individuals in creating healthier lifestyles, become more self- aware and self-determined, and in creating life path trajectoryies fully aligned with their own unique innate gifts, talents, strength, and purpose​.


*host intimate and large scale events 

*conduct workshops  

*facilitate webinars

*produce natural and healthy living advocacy radio programs

*produce personal development and wellness tv programs 

*offer life design and life coaching services


We also specialize in assisting businesses with marketing through our media channels, and provide voice over and recording studio services.

Last but not least, we support children, teens, and young adults with special programs and initiatives as well.​​​​


To become a part of our community, email us at or by calling 404-272-7418.


Thanks for stopping by.

More about our signature events and media projects here.



Mission & Vision
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