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Your Conscious Connection to a New Dimension

February 21, 2016

An exploration of the the Heart Soul and Science of Life

Join us as we enter the Conscious Zone, your conscious connection to a new dimension in thought and knowledge for the mind, body, spirit and earth. Modern Mystics, Conscious Living OmniMedia Group, and The Conscious Cafe presents The Consciouszone LIVE!. It all began 15 years ago at WRFG community radio in Little Five Points, ATL.  CLO Group Founder, AHZJAH took listeners on an exhilarating radio journey like no other, exploring the, holistic healing arts, science, noetic science, alternative medicine, nutrition, environment, metaphysics, spritual awakening, universal laws, natural time, creative expression and everything in between.  The show aired every Sunday from 10-midnight for 5 years. She continued to create and offer educational empowerment tools for health, wellness, and life path empowerment through a stream of fresh multimedia projects and events, including Conscious Hueniversal Living Magazine, Conscious Cafe Events, WHPN Radio, and more. She returns to where it all began to explore a new dimension of elevation and transformation through The launch of CONSCIOUSZONE LIVE! (a visual interactice version) and iJourneyTV, kicking off a new stream of fresh projects, programs, and platforms to follow in CLO fashion. This month's Conscious Zone LIVE is featured at February's Musikal Matinee held every 3rd Sunday from 6-midnight at The HAVEN in Buckhead, ATL, GA. CONSCIOUSZONE LIVE! will be featured at different venues and events each month.  Shows are recorded live spring - fall 2016, for on-demand airing on IJourneyTV launch spring 2017. Check back for continuous updates to schedules and special guest listings and locations!


Special guests include local and global Industry leaders in the holistic health, wellness, life path empowerment, & life science arena with interviews, discussion, & performances, sure to awaken the body, stimulate the mind and free the soul.  

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Healing Humanity Thru Media


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