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AHZJAH,  was born Jamerican (Lori Levy) in Hartford, CT to parents Roy and Vilma Levy, of St. Elizabeth and Kingston, Jamaica, respectively. AHZJAH demonstrated her love for music at the tender age of eight, humming and singing from the minute her eyes opened to the moment she fell asleep, a trait she had inherited from both of her musician parents (mom-pianist/dad/guitarist). By thirteen, her favorite past-time was writing lyrics, creating melodies, and listening to latest R&B and reggae with her brother, and ole school reggae and soul her parents played consistently in their home.  

After refining her skills as a singer, writer, recording artist, and performer, she began exploring the latest musical technology, sequencing, and began recording musical creations of her own. She released and launched hits like "Let's Start Something New", with Rhythm Force and other groups she was a part of locally. She signed with a variety of producers and labels which furthered her experience as an artist and in artist/producer relations in duos, trios, and girl groups and bands and finally, solo.

Years later AHZJAH migrated to Atlanta, GA where her entrepreneurial spirit emerged and she created an independent artist consulting/event support firm, called Tygress Innerprize/Kismet Music, which supported event promoters and planners while also assisting independent artists by creating marketing tools, bios, demos cds, promotion plans, booking, and music business administrative services on their behalf. The mission now primarily supports independent female artists with industry education, support, resources, and empowerment.

Over the past fifteen years, alongside Dubwyze Production Studios, (Music pioneers Clovis Simons and Lloyd McIntosh), she as supported and facilitated the dreams of many fellow-indie artists as well as writing, recording and releasing a variety of music of her own,spanning  genres including reggae, R&B, Jazz, Pop, New Age, and more, under the performance names of D'Luxx, Tabu, AHZJAH, and I'DIVINE and the IDIVINE vocal performance trio.

She continues to write, produce and co-produce music independently and collaboratively with various producers and singers that complement both her writing and musical style. Some of her latest releases under the collaboration of Dubwyze Productions and the Tygress Records Label include Everchanging Times off the Divine Awakening I'DIVINE performance trio project cd, Peace, Love and Reggae, Born 2B Free, Freedom: Force of Nature, and coming soon Unconditional Love (summer 2015) from the Law of Love CD slated for 2016.  She'll also be touring  beginning spring 2016. 


She continues to perform,write and record songs and current upcoming projects include a variety of music events and festivals, media projects like iJourneyTV, and of course more inspiring music and performances through her Force of Nature tour.





Over the years, as AHZJAH's musical career unfolded, in between musical projects, her entrepreneurial spirit and humanitarian spirits emerged, as well as her awareness of life path empowerment health/wellness and its impact on one's life. With this expanded awareness she became a life design coach, radio show host and producer establishing a powerful voice in both local and regional communities through Conscious Living OmniMedia Group, whose mission is to Heal Humanity Through Media. CLO was founded  in order to published a variety of life empowerment magazines, radio programs, and events to promote and educate about holistic health, life path empowerment, and the role creative expression plays in health and healing.  After a variety of blog talk radio programs as a testing ground, she later launched WHPN online radio The Source.FM (Worldwide Higher Power Network) as part of Conscious Living OmniMedia Group, to further expand her message and reach. The event arm, A Conscious Affair Event Productions ( are her latest adventures.  See more about about AHZJAH's humanitarian efforts and projects  here 

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