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Preformance Trio

The I'DIVINE music project was created in 2005 to serve as a catalyst of remembrance and the acknowledgement of the divine spark within each of us.

The project was the vision of Conscious Living OmniMedia Group Founder, AHZJAH, and began with the establishment of a performance trio to symbolize

the great shifts of awakenings that were occurring at that time, as well as the unification of heart, mind, and soul.

Everchanging Times was first released on their debut CD entitled "Divine Awakening".
Original members were AHZJAH, Karin Singah, & Sefa Foy, who began the origination of the project with another three artists being chosen every three

years to produce additional contributions to the project. As project and music gained popularity and a following, AHZJAH continued to perform under that name.

Each artist has their own individual music careers and bodies of work which they continue to pursue. However, they reunite every three years to continue

making their contributions to the project, which nurture it's evolution, while actualizing the idea of collective heart, mind, and soul, which continues to unfold today.

For more information and of course more music from I'DIVINE and project artists, please visit

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