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Born 2B Free honored by Center for  Civil and Human Rights  HERE




Congratulations and thank you for contributing to "Let Nobody Turn You"! Your song has been selected for the current songlist and will be featured on the stereo at our grand entrance for the next three months. Within the coming week a landing page will go up on our website along with a few social media posts. As I mentioned previously, during the spring and summer months of the year our park is visited by thousands of people per day and they will all experience your work! Thank you for contributing to the fabric of the Center's mission and we wish you all the best in your future artistic pursuits.


David Hopings

Manager of Visitor Experience

Center For Civil and Human Rights


Learn More about Ahzjah's work HERE
Ahzjah is and recording artist, media maven, and Life Path Catalyst for life empowerment, personal development, and holistic health and wellness.  She is founder of Conscious Living OmniMedia Group, the Childrens Wellness Network and Living Dream Life Designs.


Living Dream.Info

Art of You. Org


Life Path Mag.Com


Ahzjah Hosts, Enlightenment with a twist, Conscious Zone LIVE! and The Conscious Cafe.Night time talk from and elevated perspective. Filming now 3rd Sundays in Atlanta and various locations for iJourney TV aunch 2017


Conscious Living OmniMedia Group





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