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Welcome to Life Path Magazine.  A publication dedicated to discovering, embracing, revealing, and walking your life path.   Our lives aren't set in stone or fixed in nature.  Nature is everchanging and reveals an ebb and flow which allows us a freedom to grow, transform and evolve.  We are natural beings and deeply connected to the natural world.


Life Path Magazine is about being open to that eb and flow and our own unique personal path that only WE can walk.   Whether that includes intelligence, creativity, or any part of the full spectrum of people, passions, or purpose we pursue, it matters not, only that we become fully who we were designed, destined, or created to be!  Sometimes we are accompanied by others on the path, sometimes we are alone, just part of the evolution.


 All in all, listening to the call of our heart's desire and higher will/spirit, knowing thyself, refining who we are authentically, and releasing our gifts upon the world!  Life Path Magazine offers emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual fitness tools for the journey and much more.  We celebrate the power of choice and all the paths humanity chooses for it is all part of the grand lesson plan.  This current multi-media project and this music project both answer to the call of my heart at this time on my own personal path.  


The publication is based on  The Art of You: Building Your Inner Empire workshop series I designed a few years ago to assist individuals in discovering, embracing, refining, and releasing their gift upon the world.  Feel free to visit us from time to time when you need a quick spiritual attunement or to be uplifted and elevated to your true essense and higher self.  Browse our radio archives or watch an ijourney.   Although we walk the path alone, we are not alone and infinite support is available to us as long as we ask and open to allow what comes forth.


From math to music, marketing to motherhood, illuminate your path, shine your light and enjoy the ride! 






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