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Art of You 101 Workshop :Discovering The Art of You

This workshop explores self discovery through a variety of assessment tools to assist you in gaining a greater understanding of YOU. Your innate gifts, talents, stengths, and challenges are revealed in a safe, confidential space, without judgement and utilized to reveal your true essence, nature, and life path direction.  Self-discovery, self-acceptance, and self-love are the goals.



Art of You 102 Workshop : Building Your Inner Empire             Life Design & Mgmt Consult

This workshop is a follow up to Art of You 101 which takes the information discovered in 101 and assists you in developing a life path which reflects your values, principles, and soul evolution. Emotional, mental, spiritual fitness tips for navigating the journey of life.  Health, wealth, wisdom and key life relationships are explored.  Relationship with higher power, self, parents, peers, employers, romantic,  and others are explored with YOU in mind.   Deeper Self-awareness and self-management are the goals.



Art of You 103 Workshop: Revealing YOU!

Life Path Coach Session

This workshop is a follow up to Art of You 102 which takes the information discovered in 102 and assists you in creating a life path strategy and plan to implement, manage, monitor, and assess at key points along the way.  Assessments and monitoring may be self-failitated or coached.

Self-Determination and Self-mastery are the on-going goals from this point forward.




The Art of You workshop was developed by Living Dream Founder and Life Design Coach, Ahzjah Netjer Simons in order to support each individual in illuminating their path of purpose and unleashing it upon the world in accordance with their own unique spirit and soul evolution.


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