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About The Publisher


AHZJAH Netjer Simons is President and CEO of Conscious Living-Omni Media Group, an Atlanta based multi-media and events firm specializing in promoting music, health, wellness, & life path empowerment coaching, through entertainment and education. Founded in 2003, CLO's mission is "Healing Humanity Through Media" . The CLO Group has positioned itself as a thought leader in the holistic health and wellness arena.  As a gifted performer, artist consultanta, educator, motivator, radio host, publisher, event/media producer, and humanitarian, Ms. Simons has been educating, entertaining, and empowering audiences nationally for the past twenty years. The foundation for her path to success lies in her unique ability to provide specialized support services to individuals, entrpreneurs and organizations through collaborative leadership, innovation, and vision.


After a career in music her first love, she later discovered a love for media and holistic health and wellness which included living a purposeful live aligned with individual values and higher will.  She married the two and set out to share her life path story and empower others to find their true path, not the one others had imposed upon them.

Georgia State Parks for National Get Outdoors Day & Conscious Kids Summer Day Camp, Georgia Organics for Fitn N Fun Fest, Truly Living Well for FitnNFun Summer Day Camps Living Legacy Gardens, & Fulton County Juvenile Services Division are among some of the partnerships established over the course of her entrepreneurial adventures.

Ms. Simons is most well-known for the launching of Conscious Hue-niversal Living Magazine, exploring the intersection of wellness, science, lifepath, creative expression, and spirituality. Her journey began with the cutting edge creative production of The Conscious Zone radio program, one of Atlanta's most popular holistic health radio programs, and A Conscious Affair Event Productions which produced signature events such as Zenatia, ChakraDance, Conscious Cafe Live, and Awaken Expo. In 2013 she launched The Art of You Life Empowerment Workshop Series: Building Your Inner Empire ,which provides physical, emotional, mental and spiritual fitness tool for the healing journey in an interactive setting.

Ms. Simons' intense love for media platforms and her passion for Life Path Empowerment, Ancient Wisdom and the Healing Arts is the driving creative force behind the continuous stream of fresh innovative CLO projects and initiatives rolled out each year, giving birth to The Sound Gallery,The Source.FM/WHPN online Radio, Corporate Holistics health fairs, Conscious Atlanta/Worldwide Network, & slated for 2016, The Conscious Choice Awards & iJourney TV.

Becoming a mother provided the inspiration for her to create healthier alternatives and environments for her children. In 2008, Ms. Simons founded The Children's Wellness Network to offer alternative solutions to the growing health challenges of our youth, such as mainstream marketing,nutritional deficiencies,toxic environments, depression, childhood obesity, and nature deficit disorder. "My work in media showed me over and over again how most adult dis-eases and states of imbalance were a result of traumas, programming, or poor nutrition during the formative years.” CWN initiatives provide educational and counter marketing opportunities to raise awareness on solutions that are currently available. They include Living Legacy Gardens, FitnFunFest, The Children's Chamber of Commerce, Conscious Kids Club aftercare,& workshops, FitNFun daycamps, and Kids Kingdom Radio online. Future plans for CWN include The Center for Living Arts and Sciences, a multimedia, events, & holistic health and wellness educational facility, slated for 2017. 

Ms. Simons became a certified life coach in 2013, established  Living Dream Life Design and Coaching and serves as the organization's Director of programs designed to serve teens, young adults, as well as adults. She is the creator of The Art of You life design life path empowerment workshops, which promote building your inner empire, self-awareness, self discovery, and self mastery.   Her programs assist and support individuals in discovering their unique gifts, talents, passions, and path of purpose, in gaining a greater understanding oneself and how each individual will contribute to the world utilizing those gifts. 


As a food safety and daily spiritual practice advocate, she is a well sought after spokesperson or presenter for top avocacy groups like the Institute for Responsible Technology the leading advocacy group working to elimnate genetic engineering in our food systems. A variety of signature projects are rolled out each year in order to inspire healthy, vibrant, conscious living. She is currently working on a variety of media projects and events to support her continued work in holistic health and wellness,  custome life designs, and life path empowerment. Current projects include the conscious choice awards, Life Path Digital Multi-media magazine, and iJourney TV. 


As a marketing and broadcast media professional, Ahzjah has inspired and empowered thousands of people to discover and know their power through classes, workshops, events, magazines, radio, and tv projects launched by her media and event affiliate firms,Conscious Living OmniMedia Group and A Conscious Affair Productions. 


Ahzjah grew up in Connecticut, migrated to Atlanta, and graduated from broadcast school in 1999.  She is active in volunteerism and currently serves as Board President for the largest food cooperative in the southeast.  She loves writing, making music with family and friends, and spending time with her husband and two sons, Atlanta,GA. 

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