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The Life Path Community


We believe that this life is an evolutionary journey filled with choices.  Sometimes that journey consists of what appears to be one soul path of purpose and sometimes the journey reveals a variety of paths.  The Life Path Community is offered as an educational empowerment resource to assist and support individuals as they walk their individual paths toward self awareness, self discovery, and self mastery.  We encourage individuals to pursue their passions, gifts, and talents for they bring one closer to their true life path and multipurposeful life.


Through our network of holistice health and wellness professionals, life coaches, counselors, mentors, and signature Art of You life design assessments,  we offer physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual fitness tools of empowerment which allow individuals to better attune to their inner guidance system, their values, goals, and higher will, thereby resulting in a life, not without challenge, but with a better understanding of how to manage their lives and to consciously bring more, love, peace, and joy to their lives. their community and the planet.






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